SHX8 : pwn50-basic_understanding

reverse engineering, pwn, shx8

TAMUctf 2017 : pwn150-pwn3

tamuctf2k17, reverse engineering, pwn

TAMUctf 2017 : pwn200-pwn4

tamuctf2k17, reverse engineering, pwn

TAMUctf 2017 : pwn100-pwn2

tamuctf2k17, reverse engineering, pwn

TAMUctf 2017 : pwn50-pwn1

reverse engineering, pwn, tamuctf2k17

Nuit du Hack quals 2017 : web100-slumdog_millionaire

web, python, programming, ndhquals2k17

SHX5 : rev200-lil_arm

shx5, reverse engineering, arm, aarch64

SHX5 : rev400-again

reverse engineering, shx5, keygen

Nullcon HackIM 2017 - prog300-jio-geo_challenge

programming, python, hackim2017, ip spoofing

Shellter carnaval hacking 2017 : coding200-give_life_to_the_letters

programming, python, shcarnaval2k17, game of life

BSidesSF2017 : Zumbo 1 2 and 3

web, bsidessf2017, flask, jinja2, template injection

AlexCTF2017 : rev100-c++_is_awesome

alexctf2k17, reverse engineering, bruteforce

AlexCTF2017 : crypto200-poor_rsa

alexctf2k17, cryptography, rsa, poor encryption, small primes

AlexCTF2017 : crypto150-what_is_this_encryption

alexctf2k17, cryptography, rsa, egcd, extended euclidean algorithm

AlexCTF2017 : crypto100-many_time_secrets

cryptography, alexctf2k17, otp, one time pad

SHX2 : net100-get_out

shx2, pwn, networking, ssh

SHX2 : crypto100-ancient_code

cryptography, guessing, shx2, anagram

INS17 insomini'hack : web50-smarttomcat

ins17, web, pwn, apache, tomcat, amazon, ec2

INS17 insomini'hack : crypto50-cryptoquizz

guessing, programming, python, cryptography, ins17

3DSCTF2016 : pwn200-not_the_same

3dsctf-2k16, reverse engineering, pwn, python

SHX1 : pwn300-bubble_bass

cryptography, programming, shx1, shellterlabs, python

3DSCTF 2016 : prog200-different_and_notorious_alignment

3dsctf-2k16, guessing, programming, python

3DSCTF 2016 : prog100-alien_dna1

3dsctf-2k16, guessing, programming, python

33C3CTF : web200-pay2win

33c3ctf, web, pwn

3DSCTF 2016 : pwn200-getstarted

reverse engineering, pwn, 3dsctf-2k16, python

3DSCTF 2016 : web200-mapos

web, pwn, 3dsctf-2k16, bruteforce, patator

3DSCTF 2016 : stego300-simone_entao_e_natal

steganography, file carving, 3dsctf-2k16

3DSCTF 2016 : misc100-base3200

3dsctf-2k16, cryptography, python

3DSCTF 2016 : crypto100-cryptomaster

cryptography, 3dsctf-2k16, guessing, python

3DSCTF 2016 : rev100-warmup

reverse engineering, 3dsctf-2k16, python, binary patching

3DSCTF 2016 : crypto100-hotsun

guessing, cryptography, 3dsctf-2k16, python

ClimbU : Dynamic and open source live scoring for comps

en_US, climbing, bouldering, scoring, project, application, climbu

CryptoWall : Ransomware, métodos de recuperação dos arquivos sequestrados

pt_BR, RansomWare, CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, Arquivos sequestrados, Sequestro de dados, Resgate de dados

Powerful USB stick : Grub2 booting Mint, Tails and Hirens + (storages NTFS and ext4 LUKS encrypted)

en_US, Grub, Multiboot USB Stick, Booting Linux and Hirens on USB stick, Grub on multi partitioned disk, Creating LUKS encrypted partition at USB stick

Kdenlive : The best open source video editor, fixing crashs on Linux Mint

Linux, Kdenlive, Open Source best video editor

SQLite : DBIntrd - Simple PHP framework for SQLite3 databases

php, en_US, SQLite, GitHub

Mech keyboard : CM Quick Fire TK - AutoHotKey, Numpad navigation(home, pgup, arrows) w/ numlock enabled

mechanical keyboard, en_US, autohotkey

Bitcoin : Raspberry Pi - Bitcoin standalone chart monitor

bitcoin, raspberry pi, trading, price monitor, en_US

Bitcoin : Guia definitivo, parte 2/3: Experiências e técnicas de mineração de criptomoedas

bitcoin, pt_BR, mineração, Altcoins, Litecoin, Darkcoin, P2pool, Cloud mining, Solo mining

Bitcoin : Guia definitivo, parte 1/3: Ideologia e estrutura da rede

bitcoin, pt_BR

Bitcoin : HAL 10K - Bitcoin PHP trading & helper bot

bitcoin, php, trading bot, en_US, GitHub, deprecated