ClimbU : Dynamic and open source live scoring for comps

en_US, climbing, bouldering, scoring, project, application, climbu

Powerful USB stick : Grub2 booting Mint, Tails and Hirens + (storages NTFS and ext4 LUKS encrypted)

en_US, Grub, Multiboot USB Stick, Booting Linux and Hirens on USB stick, Grub on multi partitioned disk, Creating LUKS encrypted partition at USB stick

SQLite : DBIntrd - Simple PHP framework for SQLite3

php, en_US, SQLite, GitHub

Mech keyboard : Quick Fire TK - Custom Numpad (AutoHotKey script)

mechanical keyboard, en_US, autohotkey

Bitcoin : Raspberry Pi - Bitcoin standalone chart monitor

bitcoin, raspberry pi, trading, price monitor, en_US

Bitcoin : HAL 10K - Bitcoin PHP trading & helper bot

bitcoin, php, trading bot, en_US, GitHub, deprecated